Boruto Manga Spoilers and Boruto Manga 73
Boruto Manga Spoilers and Boruto Manga 73

Boruto Manga Spoilers and Boruto Manga 73

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Maybe it’s familiar to those of you who already know boruto manga 73 this is not, but for those who don’t know, then please just look at the discussion below.

Seen from the name alone, boruto manga 73 this will feel cool if you can watch the full spoiler that the admin has provided below for free.

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Boruto Manga Spoilers

Boruto manga spoilers is a manga that is currently popular and many fans are looking for the point of existence of spoiler 73.

After the incident of Boruto’s murder where he was possessed, Momonosuki by Kawaki who was to save the village and Naruto in a few chapters ago, now finally these two brothers are reunited.

In boruto manga 73, it has been shown that Team 7 generation, Boruto, Sadara, and Mitsuki have been summoned into the Hokage room to be able to carry out a mission.

From here they will meet Kawaki and Sumire who came first. The meeting of these two vessels will feel very awkward because Kawaki had sadistically killed Boruto which at that time he was in a trance Otsutsuki Momoshiki.

Boruto Manga 73

By the time he regained a little consciousness, Baoruto had asked Kawaki to be able to immediately kill him and not use pleasantries for a large hole that lodged in the stomach and damaged the internal organs of the Hokage’s son in front of his own father.

However, it was impossible for Baoruto to die that quickly. Momoshiki, the alien god who contracted in his body has managed to repair the damage and drag him back into death.

According to the spoilers, the meeting is now back for the two boys who have transformed into Otsutsuki’s commercials to give them an Eida guarding mission, which he successfully defected from Code and Kara’s side to Konoha.

Due to his ability to be very OP and be able to make everyone fall in submission to him except brother and Otsutsuki, Boruto and Kawaki are the ones who are suitable to get a mission to watch over Eida.

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When Will Spoiler Boruto Manga 73 Appear?

Well, interestingly again in this chapter, Kawaki can feel and see Momoshiki’s presence in Baruto. For the full spoiler, you will be released on September 20.

To be able to watch the full spoiler, you can watch it directly in the link that the admin has provided below.

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Or, if you want to directly watch fuill spoiler boruto manga 73, then you can take advantage of the link that the admin has provided below,

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