Link Zombies In China Tiktok Trending
Link Zombies In China Tiktok Trending

Link Zombies In China Tiktok Trending

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Link Zombies In China Tiktok Trending

Following a misinterpretation of a 2021 article analyzing the issue in a pop culture perspective, users on the social media site went into a frenzy.

The Platform has been flooded with hypotheses that the zombie apocalypse originated in China, which the report claims is the possible origin of the undead beast.

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Unlike what we have seen in some horror and thriller films, the author predicts that the pandemic will begin in communist countries because “they often choose to hide knowledge.”

The comment section of the article refers to Max Brooks ‘ World War Z, a work that chronicles the fictional zombie World War.

Zombies In China Tiktok

While the world continues to recover from the Coronavirus epidemic, some TikTok users are worried that 2022 could see another outbreak of the virus.

Two things are certain, though it’s unclear who initiated the trend.

Zombies make terrible Halloween costumes, and the social media response to bizarre trends is just as hilarious.

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Social Media has been used by users to convey their ideas, from frantic to record-breaking Live regarding bizarre patterns.

“Why did I hear about zombies in China, I flew into space,” wrote the second poster.

Tell me why they’re talking about zombies in China, the third demanded.

I’m going to start having nightmares about this, so please stop, another user said. Tiktok has to stop with these zombies in China BS like bruh even though I know it’S BS 1 of my worst fears is fighting zombies (don’t ask why I don’t know either).

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