Viral Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Rear-Ending

Viral Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Rear-Ending

Hello friends, back again with the admin who this time will provide interesting information about the accident of a lamborghini car. Immediately, we refer to the following article about the Viral Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Rear-Ending.

There is a video that is currently going viral on the tiktok social media page, which shows a white Lamborghini car involved in an accident with a black Audi car.

It is known that the driver of the black audi is a woman who went straight to the owner of the lamborghini Mr Matthew. Then the woman got angry and cursed her saying that Mr Matthew Heller was the one who hit her car.

The $ 400000 lamborghini was hit in the back of the car that looks shattered and messy, and the video was uploaded by the owner of the lamborghini on the Tiktok and instagram apps. So that makes Tiktok users excited and looking for the video to see what actually happened.

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The woman was also recorded as saying harsh words to Mr Matthew when he came to his car because the Audi he was driving was also damaged. The incident happened in front of the gas station so Mr Matthew tried to view the CCTV footage and prove his innocence.

In the CCTV footage, it can be seen that the Audi car suddenly crashed from behind the Lamborghini driven by Matthew Heller.

Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Rear-Ending

Viral Tiktok Car Accident Lamborghini Rear-Ending

The image at the end of the video shows that the rear bumper of the Lamborghini has almost come off. The video has been viewed more than 38 million times on TikTok since its release on Saturday, October 2, and has received over five million likes and thousands of comments.

However, the story changed when Tiktok user @maddygilsoul1, who claimed to be the Audi driver, later posted his own video claiming that Heller had previously stolen it at a traffic light.The clip shows a Lamborghini with black markings on the side.

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It says in the video: ‘Side cleared me while I was at a red light… I don’t think he wanted to tell the whole story.”
Other CCTV footage, initially played in reverse, later shows the Lamborghini apparently passing a woman’s car at a traffic light before hitting a cyclist who was crossing the road, driving very near.

Maddy stated: “Matt Heller got into traffic at a red light because I didn’t turn left at a yellow.”
Mail Online asked for comments from both drivers. With a 6.5 liter engine, a Lamborghini Aventador can cost anywhere from $400000 to over $550000, depending on the year.

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